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Air India

Index in the rating 3.93

Air India

Index in the rating 3.93
  • Voting started: 2013-05-02
  • Passengers voted: 169
  • Parameters evaluated: 6825
Punctuality: Air India
The graph shows summary statistics of delays of the flights made.*
Below is a list of flights on which data are collected.

If you wish to know indicators of particular flight delays — enter flight number in the search bar. The graph will show flight punctuality.

*Statistics provided by FlightStats, Inc.
Number of flights
The total number of surveys: 21176
All flights of the airline for which statistics of delays is collected
AI10 AI11 AI13 AI14 AI16
AI17 AI18 AI19 AI20 AI21
AI22 AI23 AI24 AI30 AI31
AI33 AI34 AI35 AI43 AI47
AI48 AI50 AI51 AI54 AI55
AI59 AI60 AI73 AI74 AI75
AI76 AI77 AI78 AI83 AI84
AI87 AI88 AI91 AI92 AI93
AI94 AI101 AI102 AI103 AI104
AI105 AI106 AI111 AI112 AI113
50 more flights

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